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Oh my

Salisburies, in brief:

Gaara Stamp 3 by iluvwrathStamp - Kakashi Gaiden by AshiAshiSupernatural Season 5 Stamp by MageStiles

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Adorable bbies that need homes 

4 deviants said Please buy these babies so my friend can buy some groceries
No deviants said Clamtrap Adoptable Batch 3 [OPEN] by itsubunpuni
No deviants said Boggles my MIND the sockeye is still available. I'd buy that little turd so fast if I could spare the money right now ;A;


Header by Salisburies

Welcome to the Cache Dragon MYO Contest!
Please be sure to read thoroughly before entering.
There will be winners for both design and cache type creativity!
Winners are granted their Cache Dragon for free!
All approved entries will be eligible to be 


Star!  Deadline will be May 3rd, 2015 at 11pm EST  Star! 

If you're waiting on an entry to be accepted into the group, please be patient!
I'm trying to stagger them so that I don't assault anyone's inbox. I will get to them within the day!

Bullet; Black Standard and Goblin types are allowed
Bullet; Black Uncommon traits only! (see below to read about obtaining oddity traits)
Bullet; Black NO Mutations allowed (unless earned - see below)
Bullet; Black NO Elders allowed
Bullet; Black Must be a member of Cache-Dragons to enter (membership is always open!)
Bullet; Black Entries must be submitted to the Contest Entry group folder by May 3rd in order to be counted!
Bullet; Black Any medium is accepted as long as the design is clearly visible (fully colored) and all guidelines are followed
Bullet; Black There will be 2 winners for every 10 entries, one for best design and one for most creative cache type! Artistic skill is not the primary interest here. Be creative!
Bullet; Black Limit of 3 entries per person! You may submit 3 Cache Dragons but you can only win once, though you are allowed to buy the others at the end if you wish (see below)
Bullet; Black You must choose a cache type! Meaning you have to decide what kind of thing your Cache Dragon collects. This can be very specific (such as apples, pillows, grasshoppers) or very broad (such as fruit, soft things, insects) as long as by some logic, they can be fit into a category. This is a vital part of your Cache Dragon's design! You don't HAVE to show it in your image, but it must at least be specified in your description. They must be corporeal objects, as Elders are not allowed for this contest.

Bullet; Black Please do not trace my art. If you're having trouble drawing them, you're welcome to ask a friend for help or even have someone draw you a base, but having my stuff traced without my permission makes me very uncomfortable, and be aware that I will be able to tell.

Earning Traits
Bullet; Black 1 oddity trait (shown in red in the trait guide) can be earned through advertising this contest via journal or poll! Please link that journal or poll below in a comment and I will add your name to that list.
Bullet; Black Mutations can be earned through getting 2 people to enter the contest. Simply have the people you referred include your name in their entry's description. Once you reach 2, link those entries in the comments below for me to check and you will be added to the mutation list. Referrals don't count until they actually submit an entry! 

If you're kind of relying on a mutation for your Cache Dragon's design but don't want to wait around for your referrals to enter, draw them without the mutation for the entry and either show an alternate mutated version or edit in the mutation later. Just note that the mutated version won't count as official until the referrals enter. You can always buy the mutation at the end.

*A note about mutations and markings - Cache Dragons do not have any specific rules for markings/colors, I just ask that you don't write actual words or anything silly like that on them.

Mutations are classified as any change in the Cache Dragon's original appearance as a result of hoarding. A Cache Dragon born with flowery markings may decide to collect flowers and therefor appear themed, but unless he was born with different markings and later developed the flower pattern as a result of the flower collecting, it doesn't count as a mutation. Flowers growing on the body however would always be considered a mutation, since they could not have been born that way. I ask that you not deliberately try to take advantage of this and attempt to skirt the mutation ticket requirement. Just don't be a weenie about it.

Cache Dragon Species FAQGoing to be adding to this as I go along, but now would be a great time to ask if anyone else has any questions! ;w;
Q: What are the Elders' wings for if not for flight?
A: Once upon a time when Cache Dragons were giant hella void dragons, they did use these useless sheets of fat for flight. Those days are gone though and Elderism is a product of atavism, resulting in an infrequent mutation in certain parts of the individual, which unlocks a huge amount of magical potential that was once easily harnessed by their kind. It also gives them sorry excuses for the wings they once used for flight. In short, mostly they're useless. All of that said, they can be used for walking (in place of the forearms) or resting on in a similar fashion. They are frequently used as a means of making the individual appear much larger than they actually are in threat displays, and the semi-prehensile tendrils at the ends can pic

Cache Dragon Species Sheet by Salisburies     Cache Dragon Trait Guide by Salisburies    Cache Dragon Trait Guide: Mutations by Salisburies

Winning / Buying your Cache Dragon

Bullet; Black There will be 2 winners per 10 entries, 1 for design and 1 for creative cache type.
Bullet; Black 1 overall winner from each category will also win art of their winning cache dragon from me!
Bullet; Black Each winner will be allowed to keep their Cache Dragon for free, and will be given permission to add mutations if not already earned.
Bullet; Black Those who do not win but would like to keep their Cache Dragon may do so for a $10 fee (or $15 if you wish to add a mutation and did not have it unlocked) *point equivalents may be discussed for those unable to pay with paypal.


My Character Stash!

This is by no means a complete list of my characters (as they number in the hundreds, oh my goodness) but this stash is constantly updated with my preferred characters in regards to getting art, be it through trades, commissions, or gifts! They are generally listed in order of preference, but some will be tagged with PRIORITY or TOP TIER PRIORITY, and those are the ones I am actively seeking art for!

v some really amazing creatures v



Shit I Gotta Do
-Grem sketch trade for strait
-Grem art for Sweet-n-treat

-MYO Kukumos

2x icons from MahoHaku
1x sprite from Verridith
2x grem2 busts from Ink-Jam
1x icon from strfcker
1x plush Slip from qutens
1x animated grem YCH from Dragonpunk15
1x custom mutant grem2 from MrGremble
1x grem plush from MegasArtsAndCrafts
1x soft mount taxidermy fox from NightsGem
1x fox pelt from Sinnibelle
1x fisher pelt


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